Unit 1 Nature of Science

Week of Aug 7 -Aug 11:
Class Policies (parent signature and turn it in)
Info card (3×5)
Safety Quiz online (Due date is Aug 18th at 3:00 pm – this quiz is closed now…you had 7 days to do it)

Week of Aug 14-Aug 18:
What is Science? – discussion
Activity: Sequence of Events cards (see me if you missed class)
Activity: Inquiry Cubes (see me if you missed class)
Identifying Parts of an Experiment (homework)
Discuss/take notes on Experimental Design
Lab: Oreo Cookies (see me if you missed class)
Graphing Information Sheet & Graphing Worksheet (homework)

Week of Aug 21-Aug 25:
Turn in Graphing Worksheet homework from Friday
Quiz on Experimental Design & the Nature of Science
Lab: Characteristics of Life (see me if you missed class)
Lab Report Format Example Sheet/Guideline
Termite Research:

Citing Sources Resource Link

Week of Aug 28-Sept 1:
Termite Lab (see me if you missed class)
Termite Report Scoring Sheet

Study Guide for Unit 1 Exam (Aug 30 for even classes, Aug 31 for odd)