Unit 2 Chemistry of Life

Week of Sept 4 – Sept 8:
Discussed/Review Properties of Water
Notes Atomic Structure & Water (ppt)
Notesheet for Atomic Structure & Water
Activity: Atomic Modeling (see me if you missed class)
Using the Periodic Table ws

Week of  Sept 11-Sept 15: 
Notes: Bonding and Why Water is Important
Notesheet for Bonding and why water is important
Atomic Structure w.s.
Quiz (see me to make up if you missed class)
Article: Sports Drinks (with questions)
Notes: Intro to Macromolecules of Life (ppt)
Notesheet Intro to Macromolecules of Life
Notes Carbohydrates (ppt)
Notesheet Carbohydrates

Week of Sept 18-22:
Notes: Lipids (ppt)
Notesheet Lipids
Notes Proteins (ppt)
Notesheet Proteins
Notes Nucleic Acids (ppt)
Notesheet for Nucleic Acids
Lab: Murder and a Meal (see me if you missed class)

Week of Sept 25 – Sept 29:
Notes Enzymes (ppt)
Notesheet for Enzymes
Activity: Toothpickase
Lab: Enzymes (see me if you missed class)
Enzyme Graphing

Week of Oct 2 – Oct 6:
Study Guide for Unit 2 Exam