Unit 3 Cells

Week of Oct 3 – Oct 7:
Cell Diagram Instructions (see me for actual diagram sheet, if you missed class)

Week of Oct 16 – Oct 20:
Help Wanted & Organelle Resumes Project – Student Sheet
Organelle Resume Example
Notes: Organelles Function (ppt)
Notesheet for Organelles Function
Cells Graphic Organizer
Notes: Cell History, Theory, Types (ppt)
Notesheet: Cell History, Theory, Types
Notes: The “Gatekeepers” Cell Wall & Cell Membrane (ppt)
Notesheet: The Cell Wall & Cell Membrane (the gatekeepers)
Lab: Dialysis (see me if you missed class)

Week of Oct :
Notes: Homeostasis/Cellular Transport (ppt)
Notesheet: Homeostasis/Cellular Transport
Egg Demonstration ws (see me if you missed class)
Lab: Plasmolysis (see me if you missed class)
Tonicity ws
Diffusion & Osmosis Practice Problems

Week of Oct 
Create Visual Aid for Unit Concepts (instructions)
Exam Unit 3 Cells