Unit 4 Genetic Engineering

Week of  :
Notes: Intro to Genetic Engineering (ppt)
Notesheet for Intro to Genetic Engineering
Restriction Enzyme Worksheet
DNA Analysis from Crime Scene (see me if you missed class)

Week of :
Notes: Recombinant DNA (ppt)
Notesheet: Recombinant DNA
Modeling Recombinant DNA
Gel Electrophoresis Lab: In Search of My Father (see me if you missed class)
Notes: Transgenic Organisms (ppt)
Notesheet for Transgenic Organisms
Transgenic Organism Project (see me if you missed class)

Week of:
Genetic Engineering Questions to Answer as you go through the following websites:
*12 Genetically Engineered Organisms website
*Harvest of Fear: Go through each of the following activities on this website:

  • Should we grow them?
  • Engineer a crop
  • What’s coming for dinner

GM Foods Worksheet (make a copy of this including your name, and then share it with me and give me comment rights)
Resources for GM Foods Worksheet:

Lab: Transformation (see me if you missed class)

Week of  :
Notes: Cloning (ppt)
Notes: Chimerics and Mosaics (ppt)
Notesheet for Cloning, chimerics and mosaics
EPO article questions (see me for a copy of the article)
GATTACA (see me if you missed class)
Gene Doping Article and Questions

Review for Final