Unit 3: Mutations, Disorders and Epigenetics

Week of Feb 13 – Feb 17:
Notes: Mutations (ppt)
Notesheet for Mutations
Disorder Presentations Rubric
Websites for Genetic Disorder Research:
* Usually foundations for the specific disorder also have credible information

Week of Feb 20 – Feb 24:
Notes on Chromosomal Mutations (ppt)

Notesheet for Chromosomal Mutations and Karyotypes
Presentations of Disorders

Week of Feb 27 – Mar 3:
Karyotype Analysis (see me if you missed class)
Activity: Mutations and Consequences (see me if you missed class)
Lab: Mad Cow (see me if you missed class)
Article: Mutant Mice & Questions

Week of Mar 6 – Mar 10:
Notes: Pedigrees (ppt)
Notesheet for Pedigrees
Pedigree Practice 1
Pedigree Practice 2 (Harry Potter)
Notes: Epigenetics & Variation (ppt)
Notesheet for Epigenetics & Variation

Week of Mar 13 – Mar 17:
Activity: Epigenetics
Article: Coffee protects DNA
Video: Epigenetics
Pharmacogenetics packet (see me for packet)
What is Gene Therapy? (webquest)
Lab: Microarrays and Cancer Treatments (see me if you missed class)

Week of :
Notes X inactivation and Genomic Imprinting (ppt)
Notesheet: X-inactivation and Genomic Imprinting

Review for Exam