Unit 9 Origins of Life & Evolution

Week of Mar 27 – Mar 31:
Notesheet Origins of Life Experiments (out of the textbook)
Geologic Time Notes
Websites to help with Geologic Time notesheet:

Notes: Intro to Evolution (ppt)
Notesheet for Intro to Evolution
Activity: Natural Selection Simulation (see me if you missed class)
Peppered Moth Graph

Week of Apr 3 – Apr 7:
Notes on Dating Fossils (ppt) (take notes on own paper)
Radiometric Dating Lab (see me if you missed class)
Notes on Evidence of Evolution (ppt)
Notesheet for Evidence of Evolution
Evidence of Evolution Worksheet
Analyzing Evidence of Evolution (Amino Acid Comparisons) ws
Amino Acid Chart for worksheet (see me for this if you missed class)
Lab: Demise of Frosty (see me if you missed class)
Create: Organism Adaptations and Environment

Week of Apr 10 – Apr 14:
Finish Create Organism Adaptations
Notes on Patterns of Evolution (ppt)
Notesheet for Patterns of Evolution

Week of Apr 18 – Apr 22:
Lab: Skulls (see me if you missed class)
Article: Should Antibiotics be Restricted? (Extra Points – due 4/19 & 4/20)