Unit 6 Cell Cycle & Cancer

Week of Jan 3 – Jan 6:
Cancer Article & Questions worksheet
Cancer Presentation Template (make a copy with your name and share it with me)
Cancer Presentation Score Sheet

Week of  Jan 9 – Jan 13:
Cancer Presentations
Notes: Cell Cycle (ppt pg 1)
Notesheet for notes on Cell Cycle (pg 1)
Graphing Chicken Stomach Cancer
Notes: Mitosis (ppt pg 2)
Notesheet for notes on Mitosis (pg2)

Week of Jan 17 – Jan 20:
The Cell Cycle Lab – (Computer sim)
Notes: Regulation of Cell Cycle (ppt)
Notesheet for Regulation of Cell Cycle

Week of Jan 23 – 27:
DNA Candy Models (see me if you missed class)
Notes: DNA Structure & Function (ppt)
Notesheet for DNA Structure & Function
DNA Replication POGIL (see me for this, if you missed class)
Video: DNA – The Secret of Life (see me if you missed class)
Lab: Why are Cells Small? (see me to make up)