Unit 8 Meiosis and Genetics

Week of Feb 21 – Feb 24:
Sickle Cell Article
Sickle Cell Questions sheet
Video: Progeria Questions (see me if you missed class)
Notes: Chromosomal Mutations (ppt)
Notesheet for Chromosomal Mutations
Notes: Meiosis(ppt)
Notesheet for Meiosis
Meiosis Worksheet (page 1)
Meiosis Worksheet (page 2)

Week of Feb 27 – Mar 3
Notes Meiosis and Variation (ppt)
Notesheet for Meiosis and Variation
Notes Intro to Genetics (ppt)
Notesheet for Intro to Genetics
Monohybrid Crosses w.s.
So, You’re having a baby! (See me if you missed class.)

Week of Mar 6 – Mar 10:
Dihybrid Crosses (ppt)
Dihybrid Crosses w.s.
Notes: Incomplete, Codominance, Sex-linked Traits (ppt)
Notesheet for Incomplete, Codominance, and Sex-linked traits
Incomplete, Codominance and Sex-linked Crosses worksheet
Notes for Multiple Alleles (blood type) and Pedigrees (ppt)
Notesheet for Blood type and pedigrees
Blood Typing Game ws and Web Link here (play the “Quick Game-Same Patients”)

Pedigrees worksheet

Exam Unit 8 (study all notes and worksheets)